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    Workshop Report: New and Innovative Approaches to Laboratory Diagnosis of Zika, Dengue and other Arboviruses

June 19, 2017 - Les Pensières Center for Global Health, Veyrier du Lac, France

A report has recently been published following the 3-day workshop that was held from May 2–4, 2017 at Les Pensières Center for Global Health in Veyrier du Lac. It includes a summary of all the presentations, comments, and strategies that resulted from the workshop.

The event, organized by the Partnership for Dengue Control (PDC) and the Mérieux Foundation, with the support of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, bioMérieux, Takeda and Sanofi Pasteur, was driven by the critical need for more sensitive, specific and accurate diagnostic tests to support more effective surveillance and prevention and to halt the increased frequency and magnitude of epidemics and the higher incidence of severe disease outcomes caused by Zika, dengue and other arboviral infections.

Providing key insights

The purpose of the workshop was to identify the gaps in the diagnosis of these viral infections, to review the new technological innovations that may be available to fill those gaps and to promote and develop mechanisms for accelerating the pathway from tool development to impact.

During the workshop, key insights emerged in response to the three questions around which it was organized:

  • Where are we now? – What is the current status of Zika and dengue diagnostics?
  • Where do we go? – What technological innovations might be available in the near, intermediate and long-term future?
  • How do we make it happen? – What is needed to make these technologies available from concept to market?

Approximately 80 people attended the event from academia, industry, NGOs, UN agencies (including WHO), investor organizations, policy makers and regulatory bodies.

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